Frontline Energy Services Provides Innovation on Demand


For over a decade, Frontline Energy Services has supplied Project Management, Program Management and various Support Services (Analytics and Project Controls) to utilities and pipeline companies around the country.  The recent synthesis of Frontline’s support services with G2’s extensive project and engineering experience yields a truly innovative partnership for delivering professional technical services to a wide range of clients.  Likewise, over the last three years, G2 has also been independently providing consulting, integrity and engineering services nationwide.


Crossbore Mediation

Frontline Energy Services (FES) helps clients reduce public risk by locating cross bores before leaks can occur through a comprehensive program based on gas records research and specialized video inspection of sewer pipe, tracked and analyzed with GIS.  The final GIS data product is optimized to suit your gas company needs. Verifiable and traceable data is the FES Cross Bore promise.


Program & Project Management

Frontline Energy Services (FES) provides program and project management solutions that are ideal for helping Energy and Utility Companies helping to develop more cost effective plans and assist in executing the plan from the ground up through the final product the right way.


Technology Solutions

Our mobile apps can capture and integrate data in ways that a clipboard just can’t. We utilize mobile devices, GPS and cameras to give a more comprehensive record of events. Good form design and data modeling reduce confusion, speed up data entry and improve reporting accuracy, reducing “free form” data entry inconsistencies by using pick lists, drop downs, and look ups for common features.


Field Services

For over 12 years, Frontline Energy Services (FES) has been a leading provider in both distribution and transmission pipeline inspection services for all underground utilities across the United States.


Digital Mapping

Frontline Energy Services (FES) is a leading provider in GIS services for the utility industry. FES can provide ground-up GIS system development, customized application development for your existing GIS system, or in-depth analysis to better understand your assets. 

Aerial Patrol Services

Frontline Energy Services (FES) is a leader in the development and operation of a complete 49 CRF 192 compliant Patrol Program for natural gas pipelines. We have a dedicated team of experienced operators and have developed spatial data collection tools for use in any type of aircraft.